About Society and the Self

In the individualization process, Jung tells us about the importance of getting to know your collective unawareness.
This center of the circle which is YOU, your whole self. A self that is constructed by the Ego, your conscious, the personal
unaware and the collective unaware, the Self. To achieve wholesomeness man has to define their interaction
with the Archetypes in the Self and what they manifest. By doing this, you grow harmonically into the psychological
structure which is you. So, to achieve wholesomeness and continue the process of Individualization, one has to get to
know their collective behavior: one's behavior in it and the behavior according to in. How do people relate to society,
this physical manifestation to the collective unawareness? Jung says: "the therapeutic attitude differs accordingly,
for it is abundantly clear that a neurotic individualist can only be cured by recognizing the
collective man in himself - hence the need for collective adaptation."